April 2018


Events in April 2018

Dolls and Implements Special Exhibition Antique hina dolls such as "Jirozaemon bina" and "Yusoku bina" and hina doll implements perserved by Maeda family are displayed. Feb 8(Thu) to
Apr 16(Mon)
Iyashi No Sato Doll Festival Shops are decorated by hanging dolls (tsurushi-bin), one of the costoms to celebrate Japanese girl's day. Dolls are hung at rope or bamboo sticks. Feb 13(Sat) to
Apr 3(Sun)
Saiko Iyashi No Sato
Juvenile salmon release Any one can join to release the juvenile salmon into the Chitose River. Juvenile salmon will return to their spawning grounds about four years later. It will be excited to image their journeys while releasing the juvenile salmon. Mar 1(Thu) to
May 31(Thu)
Salmon Hometown Chitose Aquarium
Ueno Cherry Blossom Festival During the festival, 1,000 lanterns illuminate the park. Also, a lion dance, antique market and many other events invite people to celebrate the arrival of spring. March 17(Sat)~
April 8(Sun)
Ueno Park
Tsuchiura Cherry Blossom Festival There will be events such as outdoor tea ceremony and Japanese traditional music performance during the festival. Cherry trees will be illuminated at night. Mar 24(Sat) to
Apr 8(Sun)
Kijo Park
Nijojo Castle Illumination Evening light up features hundreds of simultaneously blooming cherry blossoms strewn about its grounds. Many of the visitors are decked out in traditional yukata robes and geta shoes. 6pm - 9pm. Mar 28(Web) to
Apr 15(Sun)
Nijojo Castle
Hinkoko Festival With Japanese traditional music, people act the story of Susanoo quelling the orochi(mythical eight-headed serpent) which are two-meter-high dolls woven from bamboo and paper. Every 2nd Sunday of Apr and Nov 23 Gifu
Oyada Shrine
Takeda 24 Generals Parade Lead by people who dress up as Takeda Shingen and his 24 generals, a parade of about 400 worriers starts at Takeda Shrine and then go down to the center of city. Apr 12(Thu) Yamanashi
Takeda Shrine
Carp Streamer on a River About 500 carp streamers flying over the Shimanto River. Apr 15(Sun) to
May 12(Mon)
Shimanto River
Exhibition of gosho dolls preserved by Maeda Family A display of 200 gosho dolls. Gosho dolls are considered to be the most well finished traditional Japanese dolls. Those that have been preserved by the Maeda family have a long and distinguished history that goes back many generations. Apr 19(Thu) to
Jun 25(Mon)
Oshima Festival This is an event of Ominato Shrine located in O Island to pray for the peace of fathers, husbands and brothers who go fishing. With the performance of drum, Ship Mikoshi (portable shrines), Child Mikoshi and Girl Mikoshi parades the streets. Every Apr 20 Fukui
O Island
Iomante Fire Festival Spring Version Gathering around a bonfire, Ainu people dance and sing to pray for peace and visitors’ health with Ainu ceremonial dress as they did in the ancient time. Apr 21(Sat)~
Jun 30(Sat)
Lake Akan
Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival One of the best Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. There are 2,600 cherry trees include the oldest somei-yoshino which is said to be planted in 1715. Visitors can also enjoy illuminations in the evenings , boat and local food at the food stands. Apr 21(Sat)~
May 6(Sun)
Hirosaki Park
Takeda Style Kisha Yabusame The archer armed with Takeda style armor to shoot the target which is 150-meter-long while riding on the horseback. Sun close to Apr 24 and Oct 17 Kumamoto
Suizenji Jojuen Park
Yokohama Fruhlings Fest One of the biggest Beer Festival in Japan. There are many different kinds of beers from world include great German Beer and Japanese Beer. Delicious German food is also served. Apr 27(Fri) to
May 6(Sun)
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
Lake Toya Long-run Firework Every night for 20 minutes starting at 8:45 pm, the Lake Toyako night sky becomes full of fireworks. The fireworks are moved while being launched, visitors can enjoy them from everywhere in the resort. Apr 28(Sat) to
Oct 31(Wed)
Lake Toya
Lake Akan Open Festival The activity includes the lottery for a free ticket for cursing, orchestra performance by students and the taste of local fish of Lake Akan such as rainbow trout. Apr 29(Sun) Hokkaido
Lake Akan