December 2016


Events in December 2016

Y157 Memorial Spring Festival Illumination The event is hold to commemorate 155th year of opening of Yokohama port. Chinatown will be lit by street lanterns from 16:00 to 24:00. Nov 1(Tue) to
Feb 28(Tue)
Yokohama Chinatown
Lake Toya Illumination Street Shopping street is decorated with more than 12,000 of little lanterns, to bring the resort fantastic nights. Time: from sunset to 22:00. Nov 1(Tue) to
Mar 31(Fri)
Lake Toya
Lake Toya Illumination Tunnel There is a 70-meter long illumination tunnel around Lake Toya, creating a fairy tale world. Hokkaido wears the winter season so well, and the illumination is the perfect accompaniment for the Christmas season. Time: 19:00 to 22:00. Nov 11(Fri) to
Mar 5(Sun)
Lake Toya
Midtown Christmas The event involves romantic illumination, Santa Tress, live show, etc. The "Starlight Garden" is a particularly popular. 280,000 digitally controlled LEDs have been set up to deliver a light show lasting about five minutes, complete with music. Nov 15(Tue)~
Dec 25(Sun)
Tokyo Midtown
Sapporo White Illumination The tress around Sapporo Odori Park and Sapporo Ekimae-dori are decorated with approximately 370,000 of lighting, creating brilliant works of art that liven up the entire area and bring a romantic night to Sapporo. Nov 18(Fri) to
Mar 14(Sun)
Odori Park
Chichibu Night Festival One of Japan's top three festivals to feature floats. Its floats are ornately decorated with lanterns, tapestries and gilded wood carvings and are accompanied by drum and flute music. The festival's other attraction is fireworks display. Dec 2(Fri) and
Chichibu Shrine
Kobe Luminarie The event features grand electric decoration which attracts 4 to 5 millions of tourists and local viewers each year. The decoration is illuminated along the street about 300 meters long, through which people are allowed to go on foot. Dec 2(Fri) to
Kobe City
Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro Streets, bamboo forest, Togetsukyo Bridge and temples will be illuminated. There will also be traditional Japanese flower arrangement displayed in the streets and different programs every day including music performances and stamp rally. Dec 9(Fri) to
Togetsukyo Bridge
Ice Monster Illumination All trees will be covered with snow and ice and they just look like monsters. It only appears in very few mountains in the world. Ice Monster will be illuminated from 17:00 to 21:00 during the event. Adult 2,600 ye, Child 1,300 yen. Dec 23(Sat) to
Mar 5(Sun)
Mountain Jijo
Christmas Gospel concert The joint cencert of gospel singer Yuka Kamebuchi and music group Voices of Japan. The concert starts at 15:15. Dec 25(Sun) Nagano
Karuizawa Kogen Church
Nachi Falls Illumination You can enjoy the fantasy world of Nachi Falls provided by the lightning from evening to sunrise. Dec 31(Sat) to
Jan 1(Sun)
Nachi Falls